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Download & Install


A few packages are needed during installation of the Python modules.

  • the SWIG code generator (to build lgpio.py from the C library)
  • the Python development files (to build lgpio.py)
  • the Python set up tools (to install lgpio.py and rgpio.py)

These packages may be installed with the following command.

sudo apt install swig python-dev python3-dev
sudo apt install python-setuptools python3-setuptools


The lg archive may be downloaded and installed with the following commands.

wget http://abyz.me.uk/lg/lg.zip
unzip lg.zip
cd lg
sudo make install

Development Repository

To check the library

There are example programs in the EXAMPLES directory.

  • lgpio - C - local access
  • rgpio - C - local and remote access via the daemon
  • py_lgpio - Python - local access
  • py_rgpio - Python - local and remote access via the daemon
  • rgs - Shell - local and remote access via the daemon

To compile, link, and run a C program

C (local library API) gcc -Wall -o foobar foobar.c -llgpio # local access

C (remote library API) gcc -Wall -o foobar foobar.c -lrgpio # local and remote access

To start the rgpiod daemon

rgpiod &

To stop the rgpiod daemon

killall rgpiod

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